Inn at Kettleboro, New Paltz

On Route 208, in New Paltz, near rolling hills and farmland, sits the inn at Kettleboro, owned and operated since 2014 by Robert Witkowski and Michael Aiello.  

Robert works at the inn full time, after having retired from his career a few years back, and Michael, who grew up in the house, hopes to join him in retirement and full time work at the inn in the next few years.  

I've gotten to know both Robert and Michael a bit, thanks to Robert being a Board Member of the Wallkill Valley Land Trust, and they're both always fun to talk with.  

They seem very pleased with the success of the inn in such a short period of time.  Spending some time there makes you understand why it's successful.

The view from the back patio...I don't know what there is to say!

Robert enjoys cooking for the guests...and cleaning up afterwards as well.

Although it isn't easy work, Michael seemed to get a lot of satisfaction out of doing some gardening in the gorgeous environment.

More from the back patio in the fall

I really liked the red stained glass window inside with the view of Mohonk Skytyop

Michael and Robert taking a break to pose for the camera