Mark Marshall - Kingston

January 2017

I've read for a few years now about how Ulster County has had a huge influx of people moving up from New York City, and I know that there has been a concerted effort at the county level to encourage people to move away from New York City, particularly those who have the ability to work from home.   In fact, I know people involved in that campaign, including Raleigh Green, who I have photographed.  It's been nice to start meeting some of the people who have made the move, including Mark Marshall.  

Mark welcomed me into his abode and workspace in Kingston a few days ago.  He is in a band called Mister Kick, but he spends much of his time doing graphic design work in his home office, and he also showed me how he can make music with different instruments just using a keyboard hooked up to computer software.  It was really interesting.  I enjoyed chatting with him, and look forward to seeing him around again soon.