Rosendale Senior Lunch Program

For as long as I can remember, there has been daily lunch for seniors at the Rosendale Community Center, or as I remember it as a kid, the Rosendale Rec Center.  I had the opportunity to visit some of the seniors while they ate lunch and enjoyed speaking with them.  They were a fun bunch, that's for sure!

Above,  from left to right...

Winifred Barnes, Joy Morrow Nulton, Jackie Negro, Edith Scheutz, and Ursula Makowski.

Joy Morrow Nulton's first name is fitting.  She truly was a joy to speak with.   She was ready to chat and cheerful and I would have liked to talk with her no matter what.  As we were talking about her life and mine, we figured out that she's the grandmother of one of the first friends who I ever had.  Her son and his children lived on the opposite corner from me in Tillson until I was about 5 years old.  They moved to Kingston, and we didn't go to the same school, so I lost touch with that friend pretty quickly, but it was cool to speak with Joy and chat about what they're up to now.

Jackie Negro was fun to speak with too...I remember her a bit from when I was a kid, and she remembers my parents well.

Joy and Jackie having a laugh.

Edith Scheutz (above), and Ursula Makowski (pictured in the group shot at the top of the page) told me about moving to the US from Germany under Nazi rule as children, and their lives in Ulster Count as well.

Winifred Barnes is the organizer of the group, and the one who I have communicated this with to set this all up.  I think it's great that she keeps this light hearted group going and I look forward to meeting her again.