Williams Lake Project

Williams Lake was a resort in Rosendale, New York.  It fell on hard times, and was bought in 2007.  Starting in late 2015 everything except for one building was demolished to make way for new development.  None of these photos were shot past 2015, so much may have changed since then.

Scenes shot over a couple of years prior to demolition

My last shot of the hotel before it was demolished (below)

The community came out for the "Mother of All Yard Sales" in 2014 and raised funds for the Rosendale Pool and Rosendale Food Pantry.  Cailin O'Neal and Jeff Boos pictured.

Scenes from the first day of the main building being demolished.  
Tim Allred and Brian Cafferty pictured.

A few more scenes of as demolition continued

It's a beautiful property, no matter what happens next.  In the first photo below, I love the cave that shows some of the industrial history of the property.  The second photo below shows the only building that will remain from the old resort, with the Wallkill Valley Rail Trail passing through.