SUNY New Paltz with Dr. Heather Morrison

Heather Morrison is an Associate Professor in the History Department at the State University of New York campus in New Paltz, and as of this posting in August of 2017, she has just started a 3 year stint as the Department Chair.  

In May she showed me around some of the campus.  

It's funny how little I've ever been on the SUNY Campus, considering I grew up just 6 or 7 miles away.  And while there's much more for me to check out another time, it was cool to see what for so many students is their introduction to Ulster County, and their home...and some of them stay for a long time and for life!

First we checked out the Julien J Studley Theatre (pictured above)  

Studley is a name I recognized because he owned a fairly iconic red barn on Butterville Road in front of the Shawangunk Ridge and Mohonk Skytop Tower that I'd photographed many times before.  

Julien died in 2015, and the barn is now gone as well.  You can read about Julien here.  A photo of that barn, that I shot in 2013, is immediately below.  

The two pictures below are of a stairwell inside the Julien J Studley Theatre.

Next we walked around outside, and I enjoyed seeing some of the architecture...and a living breathing art project.

I believe the below includes what is referred to casually as the gerbil tunnels!

I got to meet Martha Teck, Secretary for the Philosophy and History departments.  She has quite a view out of her office window!  

Yep, the view from the aforementioned window is pretty neat!

Heather in her office without quite the view, but I hear her new office as Department Chair has a pretty great view.

Finally, an aerial view of the SUNY campus and surrounding environs, that I shot in 2015.