Apple Greens Golf Course, Highland

Apple Greens Golf Course opened in 1995, and as someone who likes to golf, I was quite intrigued.  I enjoyed playing it a few times back then, but hadn't been back in a long time.

As I got older I realized how beautiful a setting it is, winding through an old apple orchard, with views of the Shawangunk Ridge and Mohonk Skytop seen from many parts of the course.


I contacted the ownership of the course and Jamie Roehrs worked with me to set up a time for me to come at the crack of dawn and meet and photograph some of the people who maintain the property and keep the golfers coming back for more.

Dave Tucker, pictures above and below, is a retired New York State Trooper.  I spent some time chatting with him about golf in Ulster County, while he set the pin placements for the day.  He took the time to make sure they weren't too difficult, or too easy, and that they were different on different holes.  He told me that when his friends come to play the course, he hears from them if they didn't like where he put the pins!  It was interesting for me to see the care he took to do the job right.

Below is Barry SImmons.  Jamie told me that Barry is one of the longest serving members of the grounds crew.  I didn't get a chance to speak with him, but I liked how he gave me the thumbs up as I took a photo of him driving by.

Next, below, is Russ Peters, the golf course superintendent.  He was fun to chat with about golf in Ulster County as well, as he's worked at at least one other local golf course.  

Finally, below is Fred Borman.  He told me that he was nearly 70 years old when I was there, and he seemed to enjoy having the time to work outside on the golf course.  He said that he was at an event at Apple Greens, and randomly asked if they needed help, and before you know it, he as on the grounds crew!  

It really is a neat looking place and I look forward to returning.