Dolores "Pee Wee" Allen

Dolores Allen has been working at The Roost in Stone Ride for a few years, and I enjoyed chatting with her while having lunch. She told me about how she's worked several bartending and waitressing jobs around Ulster County, including at The Postage Inn, The Atwood Inn, The Red Brick Tavern, and more. She moved to Ulster County when she was 5 years old, and has lived in Tillson, on Main Street in Rosendale, High Falls, and now she lives in Stone Ridge. 4 generations of her family all live in houses together down one driveway. 

When I posted this photo on Facebook, the likes and comments poured in, and it became clear how well she is loved by so many in the community.

Here is my favorite quote:

 "It always makes my day to see Delores. She is upbeat, beautiful and a true Stone Ridge treasure" - Mary Ellen Fleming