Jean, her chickens, and her self serve farm fresh eggs

Jean Miller Spoljaric lives in Kingston, along Dewitt Mills Road, which I travel often.

I have known Jean a bit for a few years, but never had much of a conversation with her, so I decided to visit her for my Life in Ulster County - Meeting Our Neighbors series.

I have been very intrigued by her eggs for sale on the honor system. I took a closer look at that, and she showed me her chicken coop,  her hen house, and her garden. I got to eat a fresh strawberry from the garden, had a beer and chatted about travel, Ulster County, and more. Jean is a world traveler herself, but talked of how much she enjoys Ulster County, and how she's been just fine staying put for the last few years.  

I enjoyed the visit, and now I know a bit more about what goes on at a place I so often drove past without much thought.