Center for Spectrum Services, Ellenville, Revisited in 2019

In August of 2019, I revisited the Center for Spectrum Services in Ellenville. I had also taken photographs there in early 2017.

Click here to see the photos from 2017.

Some of the same kids that I’d photographed in 2017 were there, some were absent for the day, and some had moved on to other schools. Of course, it was nice to see many new faces there as well.

I spent time while some of the kids were eating Stewart’s Ice Cream they had walked to get, and also I enjoyed seeing kids play on the playground, and then it was music therapy time.

I am really impressed by the Center and their tireless work for children on the autism spectrum, and I hope to visit them again in the future.

Ice Cream Time!

Playground Time!

Music Therapy Time!


More Fun!

Travis Luria

Travis Luria of Tillson was born with cerebral palsy, and other serious medical conditions, and had been unable to walk for many years.  At 29 years old, after having worked with Austin Benjamin at Essential Fitness in Port Ewen, Travis was ready to take some steps.  Carrie Jones Ross was going there to interview Travis for the Kingston Times, and she invited me to come along and take some photos of the event.  She tells Travis' story better than I ever could, and you can read that at

Carl Welden - New Paltz Movies & More

The first time I heard the name Carl Welden, it was in relation to him helping the Rosendale Library with their Facebook page and website.  Since then I've seen him emceeing several events, providing sounds systems for events, wearing all sorts of fun getups, walking the Rosendale Street Festival, and even being the sound tech on a radio station.  I caught up with him to see how I could get him involved in this photo series, and he encouraged me to come check out something else he does, which I was unaware outdoor movies at the Water Street Market in  New Paltz  He told me that it's been going on for 10 summers now, and 100-300 people usually show up, even without advertising for it.  Watching him set up has become part of the fun, so I enjoyed photographing him getting things going.

The setting of the Water Street Market is spectacular.

People stake out their spots early

Carl works hard to get things set up

Carl also has playing a pipe like a didgeridoo - he was good at it!

Let the show begin!

Bonus - a shot of Carl from the Rosendale Pickle Festival in 2015

Second bonus - a few shots of Carl from Frozendale in Rosendale in 2016

Inn at Kettleboro, New Paltz

On Route 208, in New Paltz, near rolling hills and farmland, sits the inn at Kettleboro, owned and operated since 2014 by Robert Witkowski and Michael Aiello.  

Robert works at the inn full time, after having retired from his career a few years back, and Michael, who grew up in the house, hopes to join him in retirement and full time work at the inn in the next few years.  

I've gotten to know both Robert and Michael a bit, thanks to Robert being a Board Member of the Wallkill Valley Land Trust, and they're both always fun to talk with.  

They seem very pleased with the success of the inn in such a short period of time.  Spending some time there makes you understand why it's successful.

The view from the back patio...I don't know what there is to say!

Robert enjoys cooking for the guests...and cleaning up afterwards as well.

Although it isn't easy work, Michael seemed to get a lot of satisfaction out of doing some gardening in the gorgeous environment.

More from the back patio in the fall

I really liked the red stained glass window inside with the view of Mohonk Skytyop

Michael and Robert taking a break to pose for the camera