Doing fine

My friend Natasha popped off this photo of my legs and hands while I sat at the Grand Canyon earlier this year. I think the photo is fitting for how I have been experiencing life lately. I've probably spent more time without a camera in my hands in the past few months than I had in any similar time period in the past 6 years. And that's fine. 

You've probably noticed I haven't posted much lately. On a personal level, I've been visiting friends, working on my parents' farm, trying to exercise more, and trying to figure out how to play a decent round of golf again. On a professional level, there are things I've had to do for my part time non-photography job, and I've also been doing lots of behind the scenes work for my photography business. (Website improvements, online ordering capabilities, accounting, taxes, etc) 

I have also been continuing to work hard on the new project that I've alluded to that will include more photos of people and places that often go unphotographed. I've lined up several people to be involved, and I promise to finally release details fairly soon.

I also have been planning for several art shows this fall in New York.

In short - I feel as good as ever about how I am balancing my personal and professional goals, and I look forward to an exciting rest of the year. As always, stay tuned.