I am...

-a nomadic independent photographer

-focused on selling photos as art

-a native of the hamlet of Tillson, in the Town of Rosendale, in Ulster County, in the HudsonValley of New York State, in the United States

I have...

-driven across the United States 8 times since summer of 2010.

-visited all 50 US states as an adult

-traveled outside the United States, as a photographer, to Italy, Scotland, Brazil, Vietnam, Mexico, and Canada.

My mission...

-to travel and share my experiences through photos and writing

-to become totally geographically independent

-to be 100% in control of my own time

My lifestyle...

-I currently do not own furniture or have a place of my own anywhere 

-I stay with friends, family, strangers, and anyone else who wants to help me out in my journey, plus the occasional motel or campground

My photography...

-My most common ongoing theme of my photography is the confluence of nature and man's influence on the world

-I don't set rules for myself

-I rarely do portraiture, and I don't do weddings

What's next...

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