I am an independent photographer, focused on selling photos as art. I am a native of the hamlet of Tillson, in the Town of Rosendale, in Ulster County, in the Hudson Valley of New York State, in the United States.

My most common ongoing theme of my photography is the confluence of nature and man's influence on the world, but I don't set rules for myself. I rarely do portraiture, and I don't do weddings.

I have driven across the United States 9 times since summer of 2010, and I have visited all 50 US states in that time frame.

I have traveled outside the United States, as a photographer, to Italy, Scotland, Brazil, Vietnam, South Africa, Sweden, France, England, Wales, Mexico, and Canada.

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Select Dates, Shows, and Achievements 

July 2010 - Left my job in Boston to embark on a 5 month road trip around the US.

Spring 2012 - my first stint of photographing Ulster County

August 2012 - first newspaper article about my photography published in Bluestone Press

Spring 2013 - my first group art show, Stone Ridge Stone House Day, with Wired Gallery

August 2013 - my first solo show, Rosendale, New York. Donated over $800 to Rosendale Food Pantry.

Spring 2015 - my photo made Ulster County Travel Guide cover for the first time

August 2015 - my second solo show, at Woodstock Harley Davidson

September 2015 - my first show outside New York, with Stephanie Seeman and Gary Knox at Dover Art League, Dover, Delaware

Spring 2016 - visited my 50th US State (Alaska)

Fall 2016 - Started online series "Life in Ulster County - Meeting Our Neighbors"

September 2018 - Release of my first book - "Ulster County - Discovering Home"

Some of My Published Work

In the Media

Book Review

BlueStone Press, September 2018

Visions of a Vagabond

Almanac Weekly, March 2013

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Portrait of the Artist

Poughkeepsie Journal, August 2015

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Screenshot 2018-09-09 at 3.24.49 PM.png

Coverage of my Rosendale Trestle photo on Ulster County Travel Guide

BlueStone Press, June 2015