Warning: some people have considered previous posts like this as me complaining about having a pretty good life. That's not the point. I like my life, and I choose the life that I live. But I also enjoy sharing with you all what it's like to live this life that I've chosen, for better or worse. Also, it has a happy ending if you stick with it. So here goes.
I'm tired, mentally and physically. I've put almost 3000 miles on my Jeep in the last 15 days. I've only taken 1 full day off from taking photos, of those 15 days. I've wanted to come to Salt Lake City for a while, and being here hasn't really thrilled me yet. It's not Salt Lake City itself that's the problem, it's just me being worn out. I saw a buffalo today and wasn't even excited! Not much of what I've seen in the last few days has excited me much.
As I've probably mentioned before, I constantly think of how every picture tells a story, and I am trying not to repeatedly tell the same story. How many roads in beautiful settings can I find? And how many rusty trucks are interesting? You get the point. I also don't want to tell a story you can easily find from someone else. So a sunset at a famous location? I'm not really interested.
Today while driving through Antelope Island State Park, I had to head back to where I am staying in Salt Lake City because I felt like I was forcing myself to take photos when I didn't really want to. One of my only rules for myself is not to feel obligated to take photos. I should only do it when I want to do it.
Believe it or not, taking photos all day every day is not all fun and games. I'm still working on figuring out what makes me tick, and if this 8-month long trip that I am on makes me realize that I don't want to take photos of landscapes and things I find along the roadside EVERY DAY then that is a success.
Don't get me wrong, I've enjoyed my adventures this year, taken some photos I'm very proud of, and wouldn't trade any of it for the world. But this is the longest period of time I've traveled like this, and it's just wearing on me. But here is the good news...
This all got me remotivated to work on a project that will involve photos of people, that I have thought of doing before, and I am working on details of it. Hopefully, I can announce those details in the next month or two. So that is something I am very excited about. I've wanted to take more photos of people for quite some time, but I just needed a project to keep me focused on it. Stay tuned!
And thank you for reading this far and for following and enjoying my travels. Cheers!