Springtime in Alaska

Tonsina Point, along Resurrection Bay, Seward, Alaska
Here is a story of turning folly into art.  I, for once, picked up a guide book this morning, and saw that there was a hike to a place called Tonsina Point, and it said the hike was about 1.5 miles each way, and not strenuous.  Just my speed.  So without any further research, I punched it into the GPS, and off I went.  The hike was uneventful, until I got to the destination.  Wow, what a beautiful scene I saw when I came out of the woods.  I walked over a shallow stream bed with no problems, and out to the bay.  I found a log to sit on, there was an eagle in a tree that I took some photos of, and I just chilled out, enjoying the peacefulness.  A couple walked by, I said hello, they said hello, and all was well.  After about an hour, I decided I might as well head back, and give myself plenty of time to leisurely drive back to Palmer, where I will be staying with friends again tonight.
When I got almost back to the main trail, I looked down, and the shallow stream bed wasn’t so shallow any longer.  In just an hour, it had gained a few inches of water, and there were no options to make it across easily without getting wet in some way.  If you look at the photo, I was standing near the log in the center, and needed to get to where the grass is in the bottom of the photo.  So I stepped on the gray stones, then made it over to the grassy patch in the water, and was at an impasse.  Do I take over my shoes and socks and roll up my pants?  Do I leap for it?  I finally decided to leap for it.  One leg made it.  One didn’t.  My left leg went into the water, almost up to my knee, and I scampered up the hill.  Luckily, it wasn’t too cold, and so I wasn’t risking sickness by getting that wet.  It was a tense moment though, that’s for sure.  I guess things change quickly in springtime in Alaska!
So, I turned around, naturally still with camera over shoulder, and initially just wanted to take a snapshot of what I had just gotten across.  When I looked through the viewfinder, I realized it was quite a photogenic scene anyway, and took the time to compose a nice shot.  So, this one will always be an interesting memory for me!
I hope you enjoy the photo.  And that you’re still reading this.  :)