Honolulu, Hawaii

These are my new friends, Emma and Adolf. Emma has been following my photos for a while on Facebook, and when she saw that I was in Hawaii, she reached out to me and invited me to lunch with her and her husband. So, of course I took her up on it! Our Monday plan was good timing, as my feeling of burnout was real, and I still have not taken any landscape photos since Saturday.
I met them outside their place in Honolulu, and Adolf drove us to lunch in a beautiful setting, then he drove us to a few other locations, and I took some notes, so I can go back when I feel like taking photos again. It was a real pleasure, and they were very interesting and fun to speak with. They have lived in Honolulu for over 40 years!
Sunday I had had a nice conversation over some food with my new friend on the Big Island as well. I didn't take any pictures during that conversation, and I didn't have to. It wasn't about that.
Being able to make friends while traveling, mostly thanks to Facebook, has been so neat. When I first bought a nice camera and decided I wanted to be good at photography, this is not what I envisioned. It's way cooler than anything I envisioned. I've probably said something like this before...but if I never make lots of money off my photos, it doesn't matter. The experiences I've had make all the effort worth it.