The Big Island of Hawaii

It’s been raining all day on the Big Island of Hawaii, where I am staying alone in a house so kindly offered to me by a woman in California who follows me on Facebook. Just in my first day on this island, I noticed a relaxed attitude, and I sent a message to a friend I chat with a lot online and joked that I wasn’t chill enough for this place. There was some truth to the joke though. So I took the rainy morning as an opportunity to slow down, get some work done, and just not worry about much.
I tried to get into the spirit of the island by going shirtless around the house, as so many men here seem to do, even in public. Not bad! So I decided to sling my camera over my shoulder inside a little backpack, and walk down to the ocean, which isn’t far from here, still sans shirt, and check it out. I needed my exercise for the day anyway.
As I came through the trees to the lava field by the ocean, this tree in the lava instantly struck me, and I took this photo of it. I sat by the ocean for a while, without taking any pictures, then walked around more, snapped a few more pics, and headed out. And I had that feeling that I’ve mentioned before, that certainly doesn’t happen every day…where even though I had no idea until yesterday that this type of oceanside environment existed, and I made no specific plans to check it out ahead of time, it was exactly where I wanted to be.

Lava flows and tree along Pacific Ocean on Big Island of Hawaii