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This project is something that excites me to do. Whether people send me money or not, it is going to continue for as long as I enjoy it.  That said, it will be a large undertaking .  I considered CrowdFunding it, but that requires setting specific expectations for the people who fund it.  I do not want expectations or obligations.  I want someone to support my project if and only if they have truly enjoyed it. 

 Although prints are for sale, and I hope to make a book some day, I was not paid upfront to shoot the vast majority of the photos that you see.  And while links may be provided to learn more about some of the people and places in the photographs, this project is not about promoting any person or organization.  I am doing this to tell stories through photos and words.

So, while I am hoping to make this project a financial success, this is still an art project, done my way. 

We live in a new and exciting time for people to share their photography, writings, comedy, drawings, music, and more with those who care about it most without a bunch of middle men, without catching a lucky break, and without winning a contest.  In the case of photography, I do not need to wait for a magazine or newspaper to assign me to take photos in order to have an immediate audience.  I love that, but it changes the financial dynamics.

I sometimes feel like a street performer, but online.  When you see street performers, you can watch and enjoy what they do, and then you can give them money if you want to, or you can walk away. 

All of the website expenses and travel expenses for this project are paid upfront by me.  While my photography business is going fairly well, I am not fully supporting myself with it yet.  I do have part time income outside of photography that keeps things steady.  I am not rich, and I am not poor.

So, it's time for me to just ask you.  Would you like to send me a bit of money? If the answer is yes, choose an option below and click Pay Now.  If the answer is no, that's cool too, and I hope that you will continue to enjoy my photos.

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