My goal is to have a coffee table book about people and places of Ulster County ready to sell in 2018.  The target audience will be people who consider Ulster County home, even if they are not physically there now. I will donate a significant portion of sales to local charities.

This series is ongoing.  Scroll to the bottom of the page  to receive email updates.

After photographing many of the sites that you see when driving or hiking around my home area of Ulster County, New York, the people that make Ulster County tick have really piqued my interest.  

Life In Ulster County is an ongoing photo series where I will draw focus to the people and places of Ulster County, and see if I can figure out a little bit about how it all works together.  

I have much to do to improve on my photos of people, but that will be part of the fun, and I hope you will follow along on here or on social media and enjoy seeing how I do.


All the photos and stories


What are the goals of this photo series?  I want to understand more about the people and places that comprise Ulster County, my home, and to share photos of what I find and write a little about it too.   

Who is eligible to be photographed?  Anyone and everyone.  That said, I do not know the scope of the series yet, so if you submit a request to be involved, please understand if I do not get around to photographing you.

Does it cost anything to be photographed?  No.  There is no charge to be involved as a subject.  Each subject may though purchase prints.

Are the photos for sale?  Yes, in most cases, the photos from the Life In Ulster County series are for sale as prints.  There is a Shop link in the main menu of my website.

How is this all funded?  I am funding this out of my own pocket for the time being.  When it is time to make a coffee table book, I will consider Crowdfunding it.  I want to keep things as independent as possible, so the website expenses, camera upkeep, fuel to drive to locations, etc will all be paid for by me.  If you have enjoyed this series and do not want to make a purchase, but want to offer financial support, learn more here.

When will this series be complete?  There is no set end date.  If I enjoy it it will be an ongoing part of what I do.  If I decide that I do not enjoy it, I will move on to something else.