Aurora! (Pronounced like Eureka!)

Aurora Borealis just outside Fairbanks, Alaska When I booked my travel to Alaska about 6 months ago, I wondered if I'd see the Northern Lights.  It wasn't going to make or break my trip, but I was hoping it would happen.  Last night in Talkeetna, I saw a bit of them.  Tonight around Fairbanks, I saw much more.  The show didn't last long, and the clouds were messing with it, but I saw movement like I hadn't seen the night before.  I saw a streak of light move sideways across the sky, which was the highlight of it.  I'd say the whole thing for me was about 15 minutes long.  I tried to enjoy it and not be freaking out about getting the best photos.  But I think this photo came out great.  I hope you like it.