The Ocean

Today is my 10th of 28 planned days in Hawaii. I haven't done a whole heck of a lot. Yesterday was the first day I didn't see the ocean at all, and, at risk of backlash from you all, I will say, I felt like I had seen enough of it for a while! I've quite enjoyed the ocean vistas, but I felt like it was getting old. I told a friend that and she had some choice words for me!
While at the house I'm staying at today, I could hear the waves crashing pretty hard, and somehow the ocean drew me back for another look. I took a short drive, and found this scene. It's amazing how each place where I've stopped to see the ocean seems to have its own unique characteristics. This is the 22nd photo I've posted from Hawaii that has the ocean in it, and I am confident that each has its own merits. I hope that you agree.
The Big Island of Hawaii